Laundry Delivery in Queens

Affordable profesional laundry delivered to your door.


ueens deserves the best pickup and delivery laundry service available. For years we only served a select client group in Brooklyn. As of January 2020 we are opening up our laundry delivery service to everyone in Queens.

We intend to provide you with the service you want so your clothes are cleaned to your exact specifications. Over the past decade we have been practicing the art of soft, clean, and cost effecient laundry so we want to share it with all of you. All residents of Queens can now receive exclusive discounts for laundry when signing up for our pickup and delivery service.

Brooklyn Laundry Delivery App | Launder

Using Launder Like A Pro

Launder | Clothes cleaned to your specifications

Customize Your Cleaning

When selecting your cleaning types add your preference in laundry detergent, hot vs cold water, and dryer sheet options.

Launder | Notes for delivery driver

Notes For Your Driver

Let your driver know where you want them to pickup and drop off your clothes. "Please come around back and pick them up from my porch."

Launder | Pickup and Delivery Laundry

Schedule Now Or Later

Schedule a pickup or delivery up to 7-days in advance so you don't have to worry about finding a time that fits your schedule last minute.

Frequently Ordered

Wash & Fold


1st 10lbs $10 + $1.50/lb after
Shirt laundry

Wash & Press Shirts

$2.50 per Shirt


Comforter $15


Table Cloth $20

Download Our App

Spend more time with the ones you love and not your laundry. Schedule cleaning, take pictures of stains, track your order, and invite friends to earn free cleaning with the mobile app.

Detergent Options

  • Tide Original

  • Tide Simply Clean & Fresh

  • Gain Original

  • Ariel Liquid

  • All Regular

  • Sensitive Skin / Baby Friendly

  • All Free & Clear

  • Molly Suds

  • Dreft

Softener Options

  • Downy Clean Breeze

  • Suavitel Field Flowers

  • Suavitel Morning Sun

  • Snuggle Blue Sparkle

  • Or send in your own

Dryer Sheet Options

  • Bounce

  • Gain

  • Suavitel

  • Snuggle

  • Or send in your own