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e are an experienced laundry service founded in Brooklyn. Since our founding we have perfected the art of soft, clean, and cost effecient laundry.

For years we only served a select client group. As the world is becoming busier we are opening up our laundry delivery service to everyone in Brooklyn. You can now join our list to receive exclusive discounts and sign up for pickup and delivery.

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How pickup and delivery works:


Arrange a pickup

Schedule a pickup with your preferred pickup and dropoff location. Add any special instructions for your driver.


Track your order

You can track the progress of your order via the mobile app or our website. You can opt in to receive notifications every step of the way.


Quick delivery

Your items will be neatly folded or hung and delivered when it's most convenient for you.

Frequently Ordered

Wash & Fold


1st 10lbs $10 + $1.25/lb after
Shirt laundry

Wash & Press Shirts

$2.50 per Shirt


Comforter $15


Table Cloth $20

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